Bakugan Battle Planet Ultra - Haos Hyper Dragonoid 3-pack Starter Pack

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About This Item
The Bakugan Starter Pack has all you need for action! This package contains two epic Bakugan, one mighty Bakugan Ultra, six BakuCores and character cards/ability cards (all included) to your collection. Roll your Bakugan over the BakuCores to pop open or your Bakugan Ultra for a leap open transformation!
Add to your starter set and collect over 100 Series 1 Bakugan! Collect all and trade with friends! Bring action from the Bakugan Battle Planet TV show to life and roll into action with the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Starter 3-Pack! BAKUGAN BRAWL!

- 3 BAKUGAN that transform: Begin battle with the Bakugan Starter Pack! Roll each Bakugan to the Bakucore for a POP OPEN transformation! Roll your Bakugan Ultra to LEAP OPEN, and show hidden power

- GET READY TO BRAWL: Battle your friends! The Starter Pack has everything you will need to roll right out of the box!

- COLLECT, BATTLE, TRADE: Start your Bakugan collection with the transforming Bakugan, Character Cards, BakuCores, & Ability Cards included in this pack.

- This a great gift for kids aged 6 and up. Roll into action with your very own, collectible figure, just like the ones seen on the Battle Planet TV show.

*WARNING: This toy has small parts and presents a CHOKING HAZARD. Not for children under 3 years*